Nature's Finest Ingredients

We only use the very best ingredients money can buy. We have packed all our stunning recipes full of succulent cuts of meat or fish mixed with field fresh vegetables and botanicals. All of our meat and fish is sourced from within the UK helping to support local British producers.

100% Recyclable Packaging

We are aware that we must keep our impact on the environment as low as possible. That is why we have had our packaging manufactured to be 100% recyclable. Ready to be recycled.

Supporting Independent Retailers

We have chosen to only support independent family run pet shops, hairdressers and veterinarian. That is why you will never find our products in supermarkets, online only vendors or convenience stores. We are proud to support a network of over 5,000 retailers across 40 countries. We have stuck by these principles for over 20 years.

Family Run Producer

We are 100% family owned and have no external investors. Unlike so many other foods who have the pressure of meeting the demands of external shareholders, we can focus all our energy on making the very best pet foods available.

The Efficient Importer

We proudly represent the Symply brand in Switzerland as exclusive distributor. As the managing director is also the owner of our company and we are 100% self-financed, we too can devote all our energy to satisfy pets, customers and dealers.

Whether you are a dog or cat owner, we are your contact point for questions and suggestions about Symply.