Perfectly balanced meat & healthy veg

We take delicious cuts of British meat and fish, combine them with succulent field fresh vegetables and botanicals to make a delicious, wholesome and natural recipe for your much-loved companion.

Dog nose it’s delicious!

The proof in the pudding is in the eating, and our hard work has paid off. Our new recipes have all been given the two paws up by our dedicated team of taste testers!

For healthy skin and a head-turning coat!

We use Salmon Oil which is fantastic for delivering head turning skin and coat. Naturally, our recipes are free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. We use only ingredients that we would pick ourselves with no nasties.

Who are you shopping for?

It always tastes better in their favourite bowl

Our new recipes are delicious any way and any where you serve them, but we all know that they prefer the old bashed-up bowl they’ve had since they were little!

100% Recyclable Bags

Our new bags are made from multiple layers of the same sort of plastic as carrier bags. So they’re thick and strong and easily recycled! 

Proudly made in Great Britain

All Symply products are proudly produced in Great Britain by our wonderful team of cooks and nutritionists, using local trusted suppliers.

Kind on delicate tummies

All of our recipes are packed with fresh meat, natural veg and botanicals, so they’re nice and gentle even on the most delicate tums.

Blow our trumpet!

We love to hear how well our four-legged customers are doing on Symply, let us know at

pet food symply - power pet gmbh - linthal

Symply is simple. Simply the best.


pet food symply - power pet gmbh - linthal

Symply I like there I stand already ready when there is food.


pet food symply - power pet gmbh - linthal

I am Safire and am amazed at what my master has brought new and great things home!


pet food symply - power pet gmbh - linthal

The puppy food with Fresh Turkey is my favorite!